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Most adult children of toxic parents grow up feeling tremendous confusion about what love means and how it’s supposed to feel. Their parents did extremely unloving things to them in the name of love. They came to understand love as something chaotic, dramatic, confusing, and often painful—something they had to give up their own dreams and desires for. Obviously, that’s not what love is all about.

Loving behavior doesn’t grind you down, keep you off balance, or create feelings of self-hatred. Love doesn’t hurt, it feels good. Loving behavior nourishes your emotional well-being. When someone is being loving to you, you feel accepted, cared for, valued, and respected. Genuine love creates feelings of warmth, pleasure, safety, stability, and inner peace.

Susan Forward, Toxic Parents, p381 (via femmeanddangerous)

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P.S. The real world isn’t going to accommodate you and your “comfort.” When you get off Tumblr, there aren’t any trigger warnings. Wearing a nametag with your “gender identity” on it would be absolutely laughable. You’ll have to learn to be an adult and deal with people without being psychotic and wishing death on them.

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